La Perle Records presents a Musical Spiritual Journey with “Inhale”


« Inhale » First release of « La Perle Records » A Breath of Serenity, Submerge in the Sea of Melody, A Musical Spiritual Journey!

“Inhale” is not just a track! it’s a rejuvenating odyssey that harmoniously blends the soulful essence of the spiritual words with the therapeutic power of electronic music. Elie Ô and Dolbytall’s seamless collaboration captures the very essence of the label “La Perle Records” where music becomes a conduit for wellness, healing, and the beauty of the world.

“Inhale” is a track produced with the voice of @ann_moxey that was recorded by Elie Ô during a Yoga conference in the Reclusorio Oriente prison, one of the prisons in Mexico City.
Ann Moxey’s quest began exactly 20 years ago, revolted by the conditions of imprisonment in Mexico, she decided to help prisoners by providing them with support through her passion for yoga and mental well-being. Drug prevention and stress management behind bars allow prisoners to reintegrate into life in a better light. Today Ann celebrates 20 years of her quest and it is with great support that we will donate 100% of the sales of our single “Inhale” to her foundation.


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