KRMZ Records presents “Press Play EP” by Chris Ogden


Introducing the captivating “Press Play EP” by Chris Ogden, an accomplished producer and DJ hailing from the vibrant electronic music scene in England. Embarking on an exhilarating sonic journey, this two-track EP showcases Chris Ogden’s undeniable talent and infectious energy.

The title track, “Press Play,” is a pulsating force that sets the tone for the entire release. With its infectious rhythm and driving beats, this energetic masterpiece instantly grabs your attention. Dark synths weave a mesmerizing melody throughout, creating an atmosphere that is both exhilarating and mysterious. As the track unfolds, it takes you on a sonic adventure, immersing you in its hypnotic soundscape.

“Dance Bitch” emerges as the second offering on the EP, injecting a heavy dose of groove and captivating your senses with its irresistible rhythm. The track’s hypnotic synth stabs form the backbone of its infectious melody, creating a spellbinding effect that entices even the most reluctant dancers to hit the floor. With its undeniable energy and masterful production, “Dance Bitch” delivers a sonic experience that demands movement and surrender to the music.

“Press Play EP” is available now on KRZM Records, don’t miss it!

Chris Ogden


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