Joshua Tree producer SANJAY delivers deep electronic vibes on ‘Dive2’


Multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer, SANJAY, wraps up the year with the release of ‘Dive2’ – the third single taken from his forthcoming debut album, ‘Ancestral Visions’. It’s a sublime showcase of the Joshua Tree-based breaking talent, packed with spiritual song writing, deep electronic grooves and juxtaposed with SANJAY’s trademark injection of indie dance.

From headlining on the Playa at the legendary Burning Man to touring the world with members of the Gypsy Kings, to the release of his ‘Initiation’ EP in 2021, SANJAY has been quietly gathering a cult following. His guiding principle, Music is Medicine, has attracted fans in ViVA label head Steve Lawler and the Grammy-nominated Zoo Brazil. Whether flexing his skills as a dexterous DJ, engineer, guitarist or singer, SANJAY is an adept all-rounder making music with a purpose that fires the imagination.

The release of this latest single, ‘Dive2’ follows the stripped-back, minimal remix by LA-residing, Davi, best known as a key label associate at Crosstown Rebels and All Day I Dream. It’s a special track for SANJAY on many levels and follows, in narrative fashion, the release of ‘Dive’ from his 2021 EP.

“I was going through a tough time in my twenties and my spiritual teacher told me, “Dive in deep to the darkness” when he was teaching me meditation – a mantra which became the main lyric in ‘Dive’. Yet I always felt like there was another part to that song… I’d fallen out with my oldest friend, there was a lot of betrayal, and we weren’t speaking – it was a tough time. I wrote the second part of the lyric when I was on a beach in Hawaii; ‘Dive in deep to the darkness AND be the light’, for him. Even though I couldn’t speak to him, this was my anthem to him to get to a more ascended, better place. I think it’s relatable to anyone going through a tough period.”


Dive2 is instantly hypnotic with its opening sequence of heavy electronic drums. SANJAY’s profound vocal refrain ‘dive in deep to the darkness and be the light’ comes in, set to epic sonics with deep emotion. Further deep synths contrast with acoustic guitar and the ceremonial chanting of the Huni Kuin (the indigenous tribe from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest who featured in the original recording of Dive), altogether create an atmosphere that evokes visions of life and rebirth.

SANJAY’s debut album ‘Ancestral Visions’ will arrive in early 2024, combining pop culture and spirituality, drawing diverse inspiration from Nine Inch Nails, Prince, Tame Impala, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Neil Young and Kanye West.

The genesis of ‘Ancestral Visions’ took shape during SANJAY’s expedition into the depths of the Peruvian Amazon. Upon returning, he embarked on a personal journey performing, recording, mixing and producing at ARC Studios in Nebraska (owned by Bright Eyes). Sanjay offered his heart and soul to his album, showcasing the powerful force within each of us, weaving transcendent musical and lyrical elements with the belief that music is medicine.

SANJAY’s ‘Dive2’ is out now via Purple Condor Records. Listen below.

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