HOSSE is back on Lowlita Records with “My Spin”


Lowlita Records, owned by the visionary trio of Gonçalo, Hosse, and Anna Tur, is thrilled to present the latest release from Hosse, a tech house EP that will leave you breathless! Titled “My Spin”, this release promises to take listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey filled with energy and infectious rhythms.

The EP features two stunning tracks that capture the distinctive essence of Hosse’s sound. The cover art, beautifully designed by Cristiano Zaganelli, sets the tone for the sonic adventure that awaits. With its captivating visual aesthetics, the artwork serves as a perfect visual representation of the sonic landscapes within.

The first track, ‘My Spin’, is an irresistible tech house anthem that grabs hold of you from the very first beat. With a powerful and pulsating bassline, this song invites dance enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a rhythmic frenzy, while melodic elements and subtle sound effects create an immersive and addictive atmosphere.

The second track, ‘The Boat’, transports listeners to a state of musical ecstasy. With a more introspective approach, this song skillfully combines hypnotic melodic elements with vibrant and energetic percussion. Infectious rhythms and meticulously crafted layers of sound blend together to create an exhilarating sonic experience that feels like a journey through the waves of music.

‘My Spin’ perfectly embodies the artistic vision of Hosse and the creative ethos of Lowlita Records. This release showcases Hosse’s talent and commitment to pushing boundaries within the tech house genre.

As a label owned by Gonçalo, Hosse, and Anna Tur, Lowlita Records has established itself as a platform for innovative and forward-thinking electronic music.


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