GRLSKOUT Releases Massive Brave & Bold Remix On Chicagos Underground Tech House Label Sollors Systems


Marta Thiessen, under the pseudonym GRLSKOUT, presents an electrifying remix of The More’s “Brave & Bold,” recently unleashed by Chicago’s renowned Underground Tech House Label, Sollors Systems. Marta’s production expertise shines through from the opening beat, with intricately layered synths and precision-perfected percussion creating an unstoppable momentum that resonates throughout the entire track. The deep and resonant bassline serves as the song’s backbone, propelling it forward with an infectious energy destined to set dance floors ablaze. GRLSKOUT incorporates subtle melodic elements and ear-catching nuances, adding a touch of sophistication to the otherwise hypnotic soundscape. This tech house masterpiece stands as a testament to Marta’s seamless music production, truly making it a standout release.

Imbued with an infectious groove and meticulous attention to detail, GRLSKOUT’s remix emerges as a captivating Tech House track. The sultry and catchy vocals from The More seamlessly intertwine with the dynamic arrangement, demonstrating GRLSKOUT’s profound understanding of the genre’s intricacies. The track’s hypnotic vibe is heightened by strategically placed drum samples and artfully manipulated effects, introducing an additional layer of intrigue. Dive into the pulsating rhythm, seductive bassline, alluring vocals, and layered synths meticulously crafted by GRLSKOUT by checking out the remix on Spotify— a musical journey that beckons listeners to lose themselves in its irresistible soundscape.


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