French Electronic Artist Alex Keeper Releases Soulful Chill House EP ‘Depart’ on Get The Sound


Paris-based electronic dance talent, Alex Keeper, continues to ride a positive wave of rising acclaim with the release of his five-track ‘Depart’ EP as he returns to the renowned French indie electronic imprint, Get The Sound. Adding to the success of formerly released singles, ‘Setting Sail’, ‘Safe and Sound’ and ‘Circles’, Alex unveils two fresh new tracks to round off the EP, ‘Free Falling’ and ‘Back To You’ showcasing his trademark emotive, chill house sound. With monthly listeners closing in on 750,000 and tens of millions of streams to his name, Alex Keeper is undeniably one to watch. Download/Stream ‘Depart’ from 23rd February here:

‘Depart’ adds to its soul-stirring chill house vibe with the addition of ‘Free Falling’ and ‘Back To You’ and shines even brighter as a result. Adding to the previously released three singles, the new releases showcase Alex’s innate talent for building emotionally charged soundscapes and atmospheric arrangements – as proven on earlier singles ‘Forever’ and ‘Remember These Days’, which clocked over 24 million streams and over 300 plays on Sirius XM Chill.

The ‘Depart’ EP reflects on the impact of movement on our sense of belonging, questioning the need for a fixed geographical home. The release also symbolises a new phase in Alex’s artistic  journey as he uses his own vocals for the first time in his music.

With a background split between France and Singapore, Alex Keeper immersed himself in electronic music during his early teens, finally sharing his music to the wider world in 2020. Still just 24 years old, and with monthly releases since 2021 he has embraced his creativity, presenting EPs including ‘Remember These Days’ (2021), ‘Waves’ (2023), and now ‘Depart’. 

Established as a YouTube channel in 2013 and focused on curating electronic music, Get The Sound evolved into a record label and publisher in 2019. Specialising in Electro Chill, GTS has amassed over 350 million streams annually, 500k YouTube subscribers, and over 600k Spotify playlist subscribers in under two years firmly establishing itself as a significant curator and creative outlet for over 100 artists worldwide. 

Alex Keeper’s ‘Depart’ EP is available to download/stream from 23rd February:

Alex Keeper

Get The Sound

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