Exploring Clan Brude’s Iconic Sound and Hard-hitting Releases


The signature sound of Clan Brude is like a lighthouse in the constantly changing sea of Electronic music. While many artists chase the latest trends, this Amsterdam-based music Producer has carved out a distinct path of his own, guided by a unique blend of influences and a passion for creating music that’s both energetic and unforgettable. 

At the core of Clan Brude’s sound is a fusion of elements from various Electronic music subgenres. He fearlessly pulls inspiration from House, Future House, and Progressive House, crafting tracks that possess an undeniable groove and an infectious energy; It’s a sound that’s been meticulously honed, and one that’s found a perfect home in the hearts of Electronic music enthusiasts across the globe. 

His journey into the world of Electronic music began with a deep appreciation for the genre; early encounters with Electronic productions laid the foundation for his lifelong passion, however, it wasn’t until he discovered the appeal of the Rave scene, particularly during his time in Bristol, that his musical horizons truly expanded; he found himself immersed in the world of Drum and Bass, experiencing the pulsating beats and infectious rhythms that would later influence his own work. 

While some other artists might only draw inspiration from films, art, or literature, Clan Brude’s creative source is often life itself. His EP “Temporary Places” reflects his experiences during the 2022 Shanghai lockdown, place where he used to live, while other tracks have been inspired by his extensive travels around the world, or his own life experiences. 

Clan Brude’s latest releases have been nothing short of a revelation in the Electronic. Music scene: his most recent production “Something Cut Me Loose” via Kibbutz Records showcased his driving commitment to delivering high-energy and party-ready anthems. The use of steady beats, hypnotic pads, and enthralling female vocals in this latest offering serves as evidence to his keen ear for what makes a dancefloor come alive. It’s a track tailor-made for lovers of commercial House and Dance music, and it’s been making waves, drawing fans onto the dancefloor with its infectious melodies and driving vibes. As Clan Brude, continues to add new chapters to his musical journey, his latest releases are poised to continue captivating audiences, solidifying his name as a producer who consistently delivers electrifying tunes. 

Clan Brude’s dedication to keeping his sound fresh is evident in his listening habits; he continually seeks out new music and emerging artists, with a particular fondness for performers who can infuse their tracks with genuine emotion. As a producer, Clan Brude is no stranger to the Electronic music landscape’s ever-evolving nature. He doesn’t stay still; instead, he actively seeks out new sounds and influences to incorporate into his music, his commitment to staying current while maintaining his signature sound sets him apart in a world where artists often find themselves chasing trends. 

In every sense, Clan Brude continuously proves the power of authenticity in Electronic music. His music is a reflection of his passion, an amalgamation of diverse influences,  

and a celebration of the genre’s infinite potential. As he continues to evolve and experiment, his journey through the world of Electronic music promises to be as exciting as the music he creates, and with each release, Clan Brude invites us to join him on a sonic adventure, where the dancefloor is our destination, and the music is our guide. 

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