DJ & Producer Michael Canitrot to perform unique show at Eiffel Tower to commemorate the passing of Gustave Eiffel


On the occasion of the centenary of Gustave Eiffel’s passing, the Eiffel Tower invites the French DJ and producer Michael Canitrot, creator of the Monumental Tour project, for an unprecedented artistic collaboration to rediscover the iconic monument through a unique fusion of heritage, electronic music, lighting, and performances. On December 27, 2023, the anniversary of Gustave Eiffel’s passing, this streaming concert (not open to the public) will be broadcast on both french television and social media.
The Monumental Tour concept is a tour that blends electronic music, heritage, and digital art, through stunning visual concerts, establishing bridges between the past and the future to offer a contemporary vision of our monuments. It aims to democratize electronic music by showcasing it in unconventional locations. Honored at the Institut de France and supported by the French National Commission for UNESCO, this project has also received acclaim in prestigious heritage sites such as the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey and the Palais Royal.

Following the success of five “sold-out” shows for his Monumental Tour, including performances at Place Stanislas in Nancy, France in front of more than 22,000 people and the first date of the project in Italy at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa in front of more than 10,000 people, Michael Canitrot, concludes the year 2023 with this unprecedented performance at the heart of the Eiffel Tower.
During this exceptional show, Michael Canitrot will showcase an enchanting DJ set, weaving between melodic techno and progressive house, reflecting his recent concerts. He will highlight his new track “CHANGE,” created in collaboration with the house music legend Roland Clark, set to be released this Friday, December 15, along with the compilation “CYCLE.” This compilation, featuring 10 tracks, recounts two years of musical production inspired by the exceptional shows of the Monumental Tour.
The show will also feature a spectacular lighting display in the Tower and performances by guest artists, including the “Spectre” choir, Yana Mann – mezzo-soprano singer, Abblaye Diop – a contemporary dancer passionate about electronic music, and Yann Dulché – a pianist merging electro beats with classical notes. Award-winning french actor Philippe Torreton will lend his voice to Gustave Eiffel, providing a moving interpretation to guide the audience through this auditory and visual journey.
This original creation offers a fresh perspective on the monument, paying tribute to the boldness and creative genius of Gustave Eiffel. The broadcast of the show “Monumental Tour celebrates Eiffel” will take place on December 27, 2023, the anniversary of Gustave Eiffel’s passing, at 9:00 PM as a premiere on Michael Canitrot’s and the Eiffel Tower’s YouTube and Facebook pages, before its television airing on the french TV channel CSTAR at 10:50 PM. With a duration of 50 minutes, the program will later be broadcast on C8 and available for replay on MyCanal, the platform for Canal+ group channels.
Public listening link for the single:

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