Diverse and community-minded Reflex Festival welcomes Paula Temple, DVS1, Freddy K, Cassie Raptor, Cera Khin, Stephanie Sykes, Boris and more


This summer, Reflex Festival will take place for the second time at the gorgeous Lake Helene near Berlin. From 15th – 18th June, revellers are invited to a unique experience of electronic music, culture and performative arts in various forms across five specialists stages with free camping and music from the likes of Paula Temple, DVS1, Héctor Oaks, Freddy K, Fadi Mohem, Boris, Braindrop, Cassie Raptor and many more.

Reflex Festival was born out of an intimate passion for electronic music culture and aims to inspire people to question predetermined identities, roles and behaviours and to feel free from social conformity during four days of music and art. The festival presents diverse forms of artistic expression, emphasising tolerance and creativity. The artistic vision of the festival comes alive through a variety of eclectic performances, installations and visual art, with all manner of vegan food, a sauna, workshops and plenty more to make it a weekend to remember.

Lake Helene is a beautifully natural and organic setting for this community minded gathering with the phenomenal lake and its pristine waters backed with scenic surroundings for a genre-fluid combination of energetic trance and dynamic techno.

There are local hotel options, or camping on site is included in the ticket price and you can expect next level production that brings the whole thing to life as well as a queer and diverse community of ravers from around Berlin and the international psy and techno community.

Says the Director, “As an alternative to the digital spheres of individualism, Reflex creates an analog space to collectively explore changes in perception, thought, and action. Through our joyful gathering, we create a safe space for each other, characterised by respect and creativity. Reflex is a place of collective exchange, searching to clean the slate of ideas that have been imprinted on ourselves, prompting us to transform our experiences into new trajectories for a more tangible future.”

This year’s highlights include Boris, Braindrop, Cassie Raptor, Cecilia Tosh, Cera Khin, Chlär, DJ Yara, DVS1, Héctor Oaks, Fadi Mohem, Freddy K, Kalte Liebe (Live), Lokier, Métaraph, Øtta, Orestis, Paula Temple, Stephanie Sykes, The Lady Machine and many more established and emerging acts. The unique sound is shaped by the curation of the following collectives: CONCRETE, DURCH, ELYSION, FHAINEST, GEGEN, HARD TRADE, HEISSS, PARVATI RECORDS, PORNCEPTUAL, SACHSENTRANCE, SYNOID, VOXNOX and xXETEXx.

Info and tickets at: www.reflex-festival.de
Instagram: www.instagram.com/reflexfestival/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/followreflexfestival

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