Dark City Music Presents the Explosive Techno Sounds of ‘In Theory’ by Get The Jackets


Get ready to dive into the depths of electronic darkness as renowned music producer Get The Jackets announces the upcoming release of his latest track, ‘In Theory,’ on Kennedy One’s Dark City Music imprint. Download/stream it here: https://darkcity.ffm.to/intheory

Inspired by techno luminary Space 92 and driven by a desire to push boundaries with faster tempos, ‘In Theory’ is a relentless journey into the shadows of sound. The track emerged from the depths of experimentation, with Get The Jackets crafting a menacing atmosphere through aggressive lead sounds layered with distortion.

“I wanted to mix up the sonic landscape, incorporating a sample of an ancient Celtic instrument known as a Carnyx, which sets it apart from the ordinary.” – Get The Jackets.

Hailing from Cork, Ireland, Get The Jackets now calls Toronto home, bringing diverse influences that shape his unique musical identity. He’s had multiple tracks on the Beatport Hype charts, recently hitting #13 in the Melodic House & Techno genre. With a style that seamlessly blends aggressive power with moments of reflective emotion, Get The Jackets has steadily amassed a devoted following drawn to his innovative approach to electronic music.Get The Jackets’ ‘In Theory’ is out now on Kennedy One’s Dark City Music imprint: https://darkcity.ffm.to/intheory.

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