Community Minded Phase 2 Brings Innovative Techno Concept to Ibiza’s Newest Club


6EJOU, Charlie Sparks, Cera Khin, CARV, Dax J, Dyen, François X, Lee Ann Roberts, SNTS, and more will play
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Game-changing techno brand Phase 2 is bringing a fresh party concept to the all new Avyca that will reshape Ibiza’s underground landscape and foster a respectful and knowledgeable community of like-minded individuals.

The renowned techno night opens on June 19th and runs for 14 weeks when it will offer authentic and intimate club experiences from a carefully curated blend of established names as well as emerging talents, alongside collaborations with renowned innovators Tresor, BCCO and Galactica.

Headliners include fast-paced and energetic techno talents Alignment, Caravel, Cera Khin, Charlie Sparks, Dax J, SPFDJ, DJ Hyperdrive, Fatima Hajji, François X, Future.666, Lee Ann Roberts, Luca Agnelli, OnlyNumbers, Shlømo, Valentinø and many more.

Embracing the ethos of ‘Partying Different’, Phase 2 aims to return to Ibiza’s core values of freedom and social inclusion while celebrating diversity. It is a night that challenges traditional Ibiza norms and offers a fresh and transformative approach to partying which is a long way away from mainstream concepts and VIP experiences.

The night has a “vibes check” and “no-flash” policy to ensure a carefully curated, secure, and welcoming environment where everyone can freely enjoy the music. Dancers will be encouraged to make close connections with the DJs and each event is enhanced by new lighting designs and “human installations” for an even more immersive experience. At Phase 2, everyone is equal, which is why all the dance floor areas inside the club, including the backstage, are accessible by everyone.

Says Gabriele Spata, Phase 2 IBIZA project manager and company CEO, “Ibiza will be an important milestone in a journey that began years ago. We want to promote real techno culture in the most unusual places, create a safe space and propose quality lineups for all the people who want to follow this genre even if they are not in Berlin, Amsterdam or London. A new way of doing and proposing a party in Ibiza knowing that it won’t be easy but our entire team is ready to take on the challenge.”

Like-minded ravers will be offered a Phase 2 passkey that grants ravers access to parties, bypassing the traditional door selection process. That’s because the party strives to have a respectful and educated community that will be fostered by a focus on promoting educational contents that delves into the culture behind techno, exploring the origins of specific dress code, the significance of the club culture for society and how ravers can best respect and embrace it.

Founded in 2016 in the south of Italy, Phase 2 made an instant mark with a clear mission and passion for underground techno music for the first time in this part of the world. Over the years, Phase 2 quickly gained recognition with a broad roster of esteemed DJs, varying from techno icons like British Murder Boys, Ben Klock, DVS1, Oscar Mulero to new school talents like I Hate Models, Hector Oaks, Nico Moreno, Sara Landry, 999999999, and more. Since 2022, Phase 2 has taken its concept to major European cities like Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid and now makes its debut in Ibiza.

The location for all this is the island’s newest club, Avyca, in the heart of Playa d’en Bossa, within a newly refurbished space with a fresh focus on high-spec production and world class sound. The space boasts a sun-kissed roof terrace as well as an intimate main room with a low-ceiling for those up close and personal vibes, and a more raw and warehouse-like second room.

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