Apogee and Folual provide two amazing remixes of “Psychic Harmony”


Apogee Music presents two amazing remixes of “Psychic Harmony”, the electrifying collaboration between renowned Italian techno artists Luca Antolini and E-Rave, delivered by Apogee and Folual.

This explosive single sets the dance floors ablaze, with unrelenting energy and pulsating beats. Both tracks boasts a powerful groove, propelled by driving kicks that ignite a relentless momentum, captivating listeners from the very first beat.

What truly sets these new versions of “Psychic Harmony” apart are the enchanting melodies that soar above the thunderous rhythm. These bright and inspiring motifs weave their way into the hearts of the audience, creating an atmosphere of euphoria and unity.

Apogee skillfully crafts a sonic landscape that transcends boundaries, uniting techno enthusiasts under the spell of their sonic wizardry, while Folual contributes a rich remix that infuses “Psychic Harmony” with an acid touch, injecting a surge of intensity and unpredictability into the mix.

The result is an extraordinary fusion of classic acid elements and modern techno aesthetics, making these tracks two amazing weapons for your next dj set.


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