All Hail The Queens: EXIT Festival announce two awe-inspiring, all-female concepts for its 2023 edition


Gender representation on the festival billing has been a big topic in the music Industry for the past few years, and every year, EXIT is working closer towards gender equity in their lineup.

The colossal Dance Arena will kick-start with an awe-inspiring, all-female lineup, mixing the best and the brightest local female artists with the mighty queens of the international electronic music scene. The famous trench in the medieval Petrovaradin Fortress, dubbed by many as the best dance floor in the world, will welcome Nina Kraviz, Amelie Lens, Indira Paganotto, Vylana, Tijana T, Miju, and Lanna on July 6th.

Along with the all-female day electronic concept on Dance Arena, EXIT’s Gorski List Main Stage will bring all-female hip hop day on Saturday July 8th, led by the powerful women of the Balkan scene – Senidah, Sajsi MC, Mimi Mercedez, and Kejt.

Many slots on various festival’s stages will feature female artists or bands led by females. Main stage will feature fabulous Charlie Tee, Soki Tukker, Lady Lee/iLee as well as local heavy metal act Jenner and world famous Epica. Dance Arena will also present supertalented Layla Benitez and Gioli & Assia live. Fusion stage is bringing regional stars such as Zoe Kida, Bojana Vunturišević, Freekind and Dina Jashari, while alternative electronic oasis NSNS stage will feature acts such as Anetha, Avalon Emerson, Carlita, Desiree, Raven, Cici, Katalina, Asari and Jovana Takač. One of EXIT’s emerging stages, Gang Beats, dedicated to regional trap scene will feature perfomances by MC’s and vocalists Macha Ravel, tam, Jymenik, Mlada Beba, Thea, Bejbi Motorola, Micka Lifa, Zevin and Pachamama stage will present amazing Vylana Marcus, Hearts Liberated, Laura Escude, Shi Cu, Julija Castellucci, Dragana Balić (Sarasvati Druna Bend) and Klo Klo.

In the world where women are “far less likely to be picked by A&R, far less likely to invest in”, EXIT once again leads the change by signing festival’s youngest ever performer, Lanna, as the first artist of newly launched Music & Talent Office – EXIT Echosystem. Lanna’s journey to stardom began when she first performed at EXIT at the age of 13, as the youngest-ever act to take the stage at the multiple European festival champion, and she has already performed alongside the most prominent global music stars, including Paul Kalkbrenner and Indira Paganotto. Her ascent will continue as part of the unique all-female concept on Dance Arena on July 6, alongside with the most powerful women of the global electronic music scene – Nina Kraviz, Indira Paganotto, and Amelie Lens!

This years’s edition of EXIT Festival is taking place at Petrovaradin fortress, Novi Sad, Serbia from July 6th to 9th.

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