ADRIANNA releases Got The Night on Temple House Music


ADRIANNA follows up the rapturously received FALLING with Got The Night: a tough, techy thumper with a towering vocal that takes its cues from aspects of house, techno and old-school rave.

ADRIANNA is a rising star in tech house and techno, with a sound characterised by blending vocals with tough, club-ready beats. She started 2023 with a bang, releasing her Beatport Hype hit ‘Confidence’ on DJ S.K.T’s Stashed Music, and following up with her festival winner Falling released on Temple House Music.

Her latest single is Got The Night, which seamlessly blends robust, energetic rave-ready beats with a captivatingly melodious vocal performance, creating a nostalgic yet future-facing anthem. This masterful production embraces a high-tempo, adrenaline-pumping rhythm that exudes immense energy, transporting listeners to the hedonistic dancefloors of yesteryears while maintaining a contemporary allure.

Through its fusion of old-school influences and slick, contemporary production, Got The Night looks set to ignite dancefloors and garner widespread acclaim from seasoned music connoisseurs.

ADRIANNA is one to watch in 2023 as she builds her momentum through her DJ performances, new releases, and her own stages/events at notable venues, across the UK and Europe. Temple House Music has already booked Franky Wah and Rebuke to share the stage with ADRIANNA in September 2023.

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